#Fortress - Wendy Nouse

Copenhagen | Wanderlust


Even though I think Paris is my favourite city in the whole world. I do enjoy to travel to other cultures, cities and share experiances. To be honest, because of this experiance I thought it would be amazing to start my blog as it is growing to be today and to offer my services as a buddy guide to help you find your way in the city I love.

We made this city trip quite a while ago and to be honoust since this moment I have been thinking about sharing this simular experiance with you. So I guess you and I need to thank Kåre to take amazing care of me and my boyfriend. We truly had an amazing time.

For this post I would like to share some pictures with you that I made during my stay in Copenhague. Mostly has been documented in video and is not ready yet to present.

I hope you will enjoy the beautiful details of this city and it will motivate you to visit this amazing place to. Cause it is absolutly beautiful and to be fear we had the best summer heat wave ever in the north. (Propably you know that the Scandinavian countries can be chilly.)


#Denmark-Norway – Wendy Nouse


This is the shortest crossing point between Denmark and Norway. Very small you can see some constructions/mountains at the horison, wich is a bridge connecting the two countries. It is not crowded at all and this exact spot is close to the a very fancy restaurant.


#Fortress – Wendy Nouse

This is close to the picture above it is on the same beach but yet a bit closer to the city. It is a swimming fortress, that is incredably beautiful during the night and day. I think it was my favourite architectial aspect of the city.  It is recently build, free entrance, with a sand beach. Even though keep in mind that this spot is extremely popular on warm days.

To be honest I have no Idea what they call these objects (The lits of sewer holes, Please comment when you know the word for this in any language), but in the older part of Copenhague all of them are extremly decorated and beautiful. It is impressive to see that they had already the luxury, class and money to create details on such forgotten spaces in general.


#mamabear – Wendy Nouse


My boyfriend and I

The day after we visited the little mermaid, which was attacked by a animal organisation a couple hours later and completly dipped in red. #GoVEGAN! The region got closed off. Our friends explained to us that this happens very commenly and that we where lucky to visit it in her good state. Tip: when you arrive go their as fastly as you can to make sure you can see a small sculpture that is extremly beautiful. Also their is a little park next to it with lots of art too. It is a nice walk with a lovely icecream shop on the other end. 

Close to this you can walk towards the old fighting fourtress, memorial to the fallen soldiers and you will end up visiting the Royal harbour of Copenhagen. Which has a lovely tarrasse with a perfect vieuw on the canal and the oprahouse.


# Scale Erga – Wendy Nouse

On our last day we went to see some locations that are not for tourists at all. But I think even more spectacular. One of them was this dock, in which they used to repair large boats. Now no longer in use and inside the building with the wolf you can play paintball. The scale of this site is immense and it gives you the feeling of becoming very small.

It is definately one of the most impressive places I visited and I’m very happy to share this image with you.

In general I must say this was an amazing city and it surprised me, I had never been up north before. Since I’m Dutch I consider myself cold enough… (Its a joke and slightly true)… But it was defiinatley worth it go their and visit. I can see a lot of simular habbits in our cultures, language and that was actually pleasent to experiance. Being far away but understanding most of what someone els is saying even when it is not exactly the same. I hope it will motivate you to vitist their lovely city!




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